Best Deal for San Ramon Marriott New Year’s Eve Tickets

San Ramon Marriott New Year’s Eve
Advance Discount Tickets
2016 to New Year’s Day 2017

Although for convenience advance discount tickets are available online on many websites, the best deal online is at the Professionals Guild Website for New Year’s Eve Parties

People have many issues when it comes to enjoying New Year’s, but Professionals Guild is the answer!

MUSIC — it can be hard to find a play that has music you like. Hey, it’s either too old or too young. But we have the answer.  We have a great local band, The Groove Doctors in one huge ballroom and they play a wide variety of great dance music.  If that isn’t enough, we have Nick of in another huge ballroom.  Nick has a music video of every songs your heart could desire. Now you can not only dance to your favorites on New Year’s Eve, but you can see your favorite band performing on four huge screens as you dance or sit back and relax!

SEATING — finding a place to sit can be a problem, especially for old codgers who like to get out and party on New Years.  Ok, so you are not an old codger, but maybe you would like to sit down for a while after dancing.  We have the answer. We offer VIP reserved seating for just $10 more than General Admission.

CASINO — Casinos can be fun, but also dangerous.  You can lose your shirt or blouse when
We don’t have that really, that’s why we spell it funny so Google will not be confused.
We solve that by offering you FREE (complimentary) Casino gaming for $100’s in prizes and you don’t have to pay to play; it is included when your VIP or General Admission ticket.

We also offer 2 complimentary drinks,
Champagne Toast at midnight
Big Balloon Drop
Party Favors
Huge discount on deluxe Marriott hotel rooms!

Learn more at  the Professionals Guild Website for New Year’s Eve Parties (